What is Ethics?

At its simplest, ethics is a system of moral principles. They affect how people make decisions and lead their lives.

Ethics is concerned with what is good for individuals and society and is also described as moral philosophy.

 The term is derived from the Greek word ethos which can mean custom, habit, character or disposition.

Ethics covers the following dilemmas:

  •  how to live a good life
  • our rights and responsibilities
  • the language of right and wrong
  • moral decisions - what is good and bad?


Advertising techniques

Learning about the main advertising techniques will allow you to understand all the hidden ways companies are using to convince you to buy their products
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Ethics in Business

Ethics concern an individual's moral judgements about right and wrong. Decisions taken within an organisation may be made by individuals or groups, but whoever makes them will be influenced by the culture of the company. The decision to behave ethically is a moral one; employees must decide what they think is the right course of action. This may involve rejecting the route that would lead to the biggest short-term profit.



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Social Wellbeing

Increasingly, people are recognising the importance of paying attention, not just to individual well being, and the things we can do to look after ourselves, but also paying attention to things that happen at wider societal levels. So social goods that can only be produced collectively, but which are really important in contributing to well being.